Gentlemax (for Laser Hair Removal and Face Vessels)

Gentlemax is a high-speed, cutting edge laser used by cosmetic dermatologists for laser hair removal and face vessel treatment.

  • As the name suggests, GentleMax is exceptionally gentle when compared to other laser hair removal (LHR) methods.
  • It is FDA-cleared as a safe treatment for facial veins and unwanted body hair.
  • It is safe for the face and body, and can be used on large areas comfortably.
  • Only treated areas are targeted. No tissue is damaged.
  • GentleMax works on all skin complexions and hair colors, including darker skin and lighter hair.

Gentlemax works by using two lasers, one most effective for fairer skin tones, the other most effective for darker skin tones. Skin is cooled before and after the laser comes in contact with it. Hair is removed, and the appearance of face veins minimized, due to the high-energy pulses delivered by these lasers.

While every patient is different in terms of how many treatments are needed, your dermatologist will discuss how to customize your treatment plan to get the results you want. No need to feel self-conscious about patches of hair or visible veins. Ask your dermatologist about a Gentlemax treatment when scheduling your next appointment.

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