Why a Hair Removal Treatment Is Just What You Need This Spring

Woman having laser hair removal on armpit Why a Hair Removal Treatment Is Just What You Need This Spring

Spring is a season of revitalization, and your skin could certainly use some help after a long, cold winter. Laser hair removal this spring, whether it's your first or fifteenth time, can be just what you need.

What to Know About Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser therapy is the most effective cosmetic treatment for the removal of unwanted body hair. While there are various ways to remove unwanted body hair, things like waxing, shaving, and topical hair loss drugs, laser hair removal are leaps and bounds better than the rest. What do we mean when we say that laser hair removal is the best way to remove unwanted body hair? It’s actually pretty simple, and the results you’ll see make it the clear winner.

Laser hair removal uses laser technology to target individual hairs and subject them to intense light and heat. This damages the hair follicles, temporarily halting future growth and leading to the treated hairs falling out in some time. With laser technology, hair removal has never been quicker and more long-lasting. Lasers and computer guidance allow your dermatologist to administer treatment quickly and effectively, meaning you won’t spend hours in the office.

There are different types of laser hair removal devices and treatments. One device is the Lumenis M22 Laser. The Lumenis treatment system employs IPL, or intense pulsed light, to target and damage follicles quickly. This device can be used for a number of skin conditions, ranging from stretch marks to acne, but hair removal is one of its many applications.

Another popular laser hair removal device is Gentlemax. Gentlemax is a tool used primarily for laser hair removal, but it can also treat visible blood vessels in the face caused by rosacea or aging. Gentlemax is notable because the treatment method is designed to provide results while also causing less discomfort than its competitors. While laser hair removal is not excruciating, and your skin won’t be damaged, we won’t lie—it’s not exactly discomfort free. Gentlemax also has two different systems designed to work with fair skin and dark complexions. As laser hair removal technology improves, one of its biggest innovations in recent years has been its efficacy on people with dark skin. Because the computer’s sensors must target hairs in rapid succession, laser hair removal worked best on people with dark hair and light skin. This stark contrast made the laser’s job a lot easier. Thankfully, as technology has improved, people of all skin types are now able to enjoy the effects of laser hair removal.

What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal’s results are not immediately visible. You will also experience some discomfort in the treatment area. Your skin may be red and feel sunburnt. This is completely normal and can be treated with ice packs or cold compresses. Over the counter pain medication like ibuprofen can help to reduce inflammation and discomfort too.

In the days and weeks following your treatment, you’ll notice the treated hair won’t grow out any further, and these hairs will disappear entirely as they fall out. While the results of laser hair removal aren’t permanent, they do last fairly long. Depending on how much hair you’re removing, the location or locations on your body, and other health factors, you should expect to need multiple laser hair removal treatment sessions. Maintaining these results will require follow up visits, as your follicles will eventually begin functioning again and growing hair.

This spring, as you’re starting to think about shorts and swimsuits, you should consider laser hair removal as the ultimate unwanted body hair hack. Tired of fussing with unwanted body hair? No problem, call the laser hair removal experts at Northeast Dermatology Associates today for a consultation.

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