What Can You Expect From CoolSculpting Treatments

 What Can You Expect From CoolSculpting Treatments

Stubborn body fat in the tummy, chin, arms and other areas really lives up to its name. If you have tried everything you can with diet and exercise, CoolSculpting might be the perfect way to lose that fat that just won’t go away.

A Quick Lesson in CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is the fancier name for cryolipolysis – the process of removing fat with extreme cold – and it is a tried and true process for fat removal. The concept of CoolSculpting is pretty simple: fat cells are more susceptible to cold damage than other cells contained in the body. This enables the CoolSculpting device to expose skin to very cold temperatures, leaving everything but the fat unharmed. Fat cells die and are absorbed by the body once the process is complete.

Here’s a full list of the places where CoolSculpting is FDA approved to treat stubborn fat: the submental and submandibular areas (AKA a double chin and jawline), upper arm, beneath the buttocks, on the abdomen, thighs, the lower (flank) and middle-back, and bra fat.

Before CoolSculpting

To be a good candidate for CoolSculpting, you should already be in good shape. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss program. CoolSculpting is designed for removing and reducing minimal, but still visible and clingy body fat.

There are a few conditions that prevent you from being able to get CoolSculpting. Certain health problems that cause adverse or extreme reactions to cold like cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria can cause a number of health problems for people who have undergone cryolipolysis. These are rare health conditions, but should not in any circumstances be ignored when discussing CoolSculpting with your doctor. Additionally, pregnant women, and people with diabetic nerve problems and certain skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema should not be treated.

Your dermatologist will discuss anything that they believe may disqualify you from CoolSculpting treatment. But don’t worry: there are other cosmetic treatments that can help you ditch the fat.

During CoolSculpting

The CoolSculpting device looks a bit like a small, handheld vacuum that is applied to your skin. It actually uses suction to pull skin and fat toward a cooling element contained within the device. You may feel tugging or pinching from the suction, discomfort in the form of stinging and tingling, and some general pain. Once the skin is chilled, it will become numb and any discomfort will no longer be felt.

After CoolSculpting

As we’ve said, CoolSculpting is not a way to lose weight. If you do not maintain your healthy lifestyle, fat will simply come back. The results of CoolSculpting are permanent, provided diet and exercise are still your priority. You will more than likely need more than one session of CoolSculpting to get your desired results. This is especially true if you are seeking to treat stubborn fat in multiple areas of your body.

Common side effects experienced after CoolSculpting include redness, firmness, bruising, and itchiness. If you had coolsculpting on the neck or chin, you may feel a sensation of fullness in your throat. These are not long-lasting, but can sometimes prove to be annoying.

When you consider the alternative of liposuction and other invasive surgeries, CoolSculpting and its side effects are a walk in the park. One rare, but long-term side effect is called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (or PAH) and is a condition where fat cells actually enlarge instead of die. Most commonly developed by men, this is a cosmetic issue that can only be resolved with surgery. Thankfully, this is an exceedingly rare reaction that only occurs in about 0.0051 percent of people who undergo treatment.

There is no recovery time needed after CoolSculpting. You can go back to your daily routine once the treatment is finished. Another great thing about CoolSculpting is that the results are gradual and appear natural. Rather than requiring explanation if you’re embarrassed (which you shouldn’t be!), the fat appears to naturally reduce and you are slightly less at risk of re-developing fat in that area. But keep in mind, it’s definitely possible without adhering to your diet and exercise routine.

Stubborn body fat requires powerful and intelligent treatment. CoolSculpting is just that. Call your New England dermatologist today if you want to give stubborn fat the boot.

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