What Age Should I Start Regularly Seeing a Dermatologist?

Dermatologist looking at a young girl's arm What Age Should I Start Regularly Seeing a Dermatologist?

Thinking about visiting the dermatologist for the first time, or are you considering taking your child in for a first visit? Worried you’re coming in too late or too soon? Learn if there is such a thing, and determine which age you should start regularly seeing a dermatologist.

What to Know About Visiting a Dermatologist

When Should I Start Seeing a Dermatologist?

The answer to this question is simple for us: you should start seeing a dermatologist regularly as soon as possible. You are born with your skin, and kids are not immune to skin conditions. In fact, many conditions are actually more likely to develop or begin in your youth. Regular check ups with a qualified dermatologist can ensure that your skin or your child’s skin is as healthy as it can be. While you can’t go back in time and compel your parents to take you to the dermatologist as a child, you can start going now if you haven’t been.

If you have children, please consider bringing them into the office so they can start to learn the importance of skincare at an early age. Many children have sensitive skin and may be more prone to conditions like eczema or a variety of rashes because their skin barriers may be immature or underdeveloped. Of course, some kids may not have sensitive skin, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring them. Children can develop moles or warts, and these conditions can pose problems for your child’s health. The primary cause of skin cancer is accumulated sun damage, and the most crucial years for preventing this damage are adolescence and into the teen years. If your child has regular contact with a dermatologist, they will better understand the importance of sunscreen and protecting their skin. If you or your child has a mole, you should have it examined by a doctor. Children can develop melanoma at an early age. While this is rare, melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer that calls for early detection and intervention.

What Can a Dermatologist Do for Me?

Regular checkups with a dermatologist are never a bad idea. You can gain a great deal of insight into your body’s health at large with your doctor’s help. As kids age, one of their biggest concerns in adolescence is acne. Acne isn’t just a problem for teens, but it’s most severe for people in the midst of puberty. Treating acne early and developing an acne-conscious skincare routine is a great way to maintain clear skin. Treating acne in the teens can greatly improve their self esteem while also making sure your teen doesn’t develop lifelong acne scars.

As you get older, yearly skin cancer screenings in addition to regular dermatology visits become more necessary. There isn’t a set age for when you should start going for routine skin cancer screenings, but if you have fair skin, more than 50 moles, or have had severe sunburns in the past, you should start early. Performing self-evaluations of your skin is great and can help you find problems, but you need to see a professional as well. There are areas of your skin you can’t properly examine, and you don’t have years of expertise in detecting harder to find issues or rarer conditions.

To summarize, it’s never too early to start regularly seeing a dermatologist, but it’s also never too late. Pay attention to your or your child’s skin, and make it a priority to visit the professionals at Northeast Dermatology Associates today.

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