Look Radiant this Holiday with a Latisse Treatment

 Look Radiant this Holiday with a Latisse Treatment

Want to really wow people with your look this winter with one easy product? You can have the unique and full eyelashes of your dreams with Latisse®.

What Is Latisse®?

Latisse® is a topical medication that’s fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration for enhancing the thickness and definition of your eyelashes. Latisse® uses a drug called bimatoprost, which is a drug that was once used solely for glaucoma, another condition of the eye. The drug works to promote eyelash growth by lengthening the growth phase of your hair follicles above the eye. Hair grows in four phases: anagen, catagen, telegen, and exogen. Put simply: growth, transition, resting, and shedding. Latisse® works to lengthen the anagen, or growth phase, giving lashes more length and definition. While it can’t stop the eventual shedding of lashes, it can work to prolong growth and give you the results once only achievable with false lashes.

Why Do You Need Latisse®?

Some people are naturally gifted with full and lush eyelashes. Genetics definitely play a factor in how a person’s hair grows (or doesn’t). If a parent or grandparent has thinner hair, you’re more likely to have that issue as well. Conditions like female pattern thinning affect the scalp, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t also develop in other areas of the body. If your hair is thin on your scalp, other areas of the head may also be thin or patchy. Alopecia is another condition that affects hair growth and loss. For some, mild cases of alopecia just result in thinning hair. In other instances, there can be full hair loss across the body. Another condition, called traction alopecia, refers to hair loss from external factors. In the case of your lashes, wearing false lashes too much can actually damage the follicles in the skin, making it harder for your body to actually grow lashes.There’s also a rare condition called hypotrichosis that causes there to be very little or no hair growth on the face and head. In these situations, Latisse® can help your lashes, as other solutions are tried on the scalp. Latisse® isn’t just for cosmetic purposes either. If you lack proper eyelashes, your eye health may be at risk. Lashes perform an important role in protecting your eyes from dust and other environmental factors. Eyelashes are also like a security system for your eyes, alerting the eyelid to incoming trauma so that they close before the eye itself is harmed. Without eyelashes, your eyes are more prone to injury. People with alopecia or individuals undergoing chemotherapy for cancer are both candidates for non-cosmetic Latisse® treatments.

Everything Else You Need to Know About Latisse®

So what else do you need to know to make an informed decision about pursuing Latisse® with your dermatologist? Good question. Latisse® is something that you’ll need to add to your beauty routine, applying it once nightly over the course of about 2 months. You need to apply Latisse® carefully to avoid exposing the eye itself to the medication. Latisse® can only be applied to the top eyelashes, because it’s possible that it will spread outside of the treatment area when applied to bottom lashes. Use the correct amount of Latisse® and apply it carefully as your dermatologist describes to avoid unwanted hair growth on your face. There are some possible side effects of Latisse®, including red and itchy eyes, as well as a darkening of the skin on the eyelid. These side effects go away when you stop using the product and are not harmful to your health.

Latisse® is a very promising cosmetic and non-cosmetic treatment for inadequate lashes. If you’re interested in improving your lashes, reach out to the Latisse® pros at Northeast Dermatology Associates today.

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