How to Reduce Wrinkles After They've Appeared

Woman having wrinkles removed How to Reduce Wrinkles After They've Appeared

Wrinkles and fine lines are hard for us all, but once they’ve appeared, they don’t have to just stay that bad and get worse. Here’s how to reduce wrinkles and roll back the clock on aging skin.

How to Reduce Wrinkles

Wrinkles Explained

Let’s get one thing clear: wrinkles are inevitable for us all, and they cannot be prevented or completely reversed no matter how much we try. Our skin ages because all of our bodily functions, including our skin’s repairing and shedding process, slow down with age. After decades of the same thing, our bodies just lose some of their capabilities. It’s perfectly normal and natural, but it’s not fun. We want to look the way we feel, and fortunately there are many things your dermatologist can offer to reduce wrinkles and slow future fine lines.

Chemical Peels: A Great Start

A chemical peel is a purely topical treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Some people’s skin ages quicker than others, and a chemical peel is the perfect first line of defense for early fine lines and dynamic wrinkles. A chemical peel works like a facial, but instead of simply cleaning and moisturizing, a chemical agent is used to damage the superficial layers of the skin on your face. During treatment, you will feel a burning sensation and will notice that your skin appears and feels sunburnt for the next week. After that, the dead skin begins to flake off at a rapid pace and give way to fresher, smoother skin.

How does hurting your skin translate to reduced wrinkles? It’s quite simple: by damaging the layers of skin that show signs of aging, you are left with fresher skin. Not only does a chemical peel work to refresh the skin, it promotes the creation of more necessary proteins like elastin in your skin. These proteins help make your skin more elastic and resistant to the formation of dynamic wrinkles, which develop as a result of repetitive facial movements. When your skin is healthier, more hydrated, and elastic, it can cope with the stress of muscle movements better and not form wrinkles as readily as untreated skin. While a chemical peel is great for reducing wrinkles, it’s not going to erase signs of aging from your skin. That said, the results can be amazing, and you should see them for yourself.

CO2 Resurfacing

Laser technology for cosmetic skin conditions has come a long way in just the past few years. While CO2 laser resurfacing isn’t brand new, it’s probably not something many outside of the cosmetic dermatology world have heard of. Another major component of healthy skin is the protein collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, and it makes up a great deal of what gives our skin its structure. CO2 resurfacing uses CO2 gas (carbon dioxide) and an ablative laser to damage the skin. When the skin is damaged, it allows new cells to grow and develop in the place of older, more wrinkly skin. Collagen development is boosted by this trauma, as the body goes into overdrive to repair itself. Ablative lasers work by heating the skin and damaging it with efficiency. CO2 is just the gas used in conjunction with the light to optimize and generate heat that will not do more than superficial damage. Ablative lasers are far more intense than non-ablative lasers, so CO2 resurfacing is more effective than many other cosmetic laser treatments.

CO2 laser treatment will involve the application of topical anesthesia to prevent discomfort during treatment. Sessions don’t take an exceedingly long time and can be conducted in a dermatologist’s office in many scenarios. Recovery can take up to two weeks with CO2 laser resurfacing, but the results are worth it. You can expect reduced wrinkles and fewer wrinkles for anywhere between one and five years. Like other laser treatments, you can schedule future appointments for maintenance of your results.

Wrinkles don’t have to control your life and keep you from looking the age you feel. Explore your cosmetic wrinkle treatments with the dermatologists you can trust at Northeast Dermatology Associates.

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