How to Find the Perfect Eye Cream

Woman applying eye cream How to Find the Perfect Eye Cream

Eye creams are a key element of an excellent beauty routine, but finding the right one can be difficult. Learn the ins and outs of eye creams and how to incorporate one into your skincare for the best results.

What to Know About Using Eye Cream

Why Use Eye Creams?

Eye creams may be new to you. If you’ve heard of them before or are already using them, good for you. Keep it up! If you’re new to eye creams, keep reading and we’ll explain just what they are and what they do. As we age or contend with certain environmental factors, the skin beneath our eyes can suffer. Eye cream is not for use against under eye circles, also referred to as bags. These are dark crescents under the eyes caused by a lack of sleep. There are other solutions out there for helping to lighten these bags, but eye cream helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. With age, our skin stops producing many of its vital proteins as reliably as it once did. Things like hyaluronic acid and ceramides both help provide structure and smoothness to skin all over our bodies. When less is produced, it’s not like our skin falls apart, but it does lose a lot of its definition and ability to cope with age. As a result, our skin develops wrinkles and fine lines. Under eye wrinkles are some of the first to appear on aging skin because of how thin and delicate the skin beneath our eyes can be. Eye creams can help to combat this premature aging and slow the effects of aging under the eyes if used as part of a daily skincare routine.

Picking the Right Eye Cream

Eye creams are important, but that means there are hundreds of different products out there all vying for your attention. Finding the right one doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it does mean some trial and error. The best anti-aging eye creams do more than moisturize, though that is the basis of any good eye cream. Providing moisture to the skin helps give it a more plump, full appearance. Chronically dry skin is more prone to wrinkles because of its inability to retain moisture. The skin under our eyes has different needs than the rest of the skin on our face, and while it also needs to be moisturized, your facial moisturizer may not be right for that area. Because of its delicate sensitivity, the under eye area is more susceptible to irritation from things like fragrances and dyes. Always opt for moisturizers that are either naturally fragranced or, for best results, fragrance and dye free.

Many facial moisturizers contain things like collagen, retinoids, or elastin. While these proteins and substances are useful for your skin’s health, they aren’t a major component of the skin beneath our eyes. For eye creams, focus on ceramides and hyaluronic acid as the key ingredients. These help to retain moisture and strengthen the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss and damage from environmental factors. Some people use a different eye cream for their morning and nightly routines. Daytime eye creams should focus on protecting your skin and can include sunscreen for extra sun protection. Sun damage, besides posing a cancer risk, also contributes to premature aging. Nighttime eye creams usually focus on restoring and helping to seal in moisture for you as you sleep. Eye creams are not all made alike, but don’t let high or low price points fool you. Consult your dermatologist for specialized advice based on your own skin’s needs.

Eye creams are important parts of any good beauty routine, but not all of them are the same in terms of how and how well they work. Ready to find out more about moisturizing and finding the right eye cream? Call the experts at Northeast Dermatology Associates today.

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