Get Smoother Body Skin Today!

 Get Smoother Body Skin Today!

Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated can be difficult, but it can be done. When it comes to achieving smoother skin all over, commitment is key.

What You Need to Prepare for Smoother Body Skin

For many, the biggest challenge to smoother body skin is getting consistent with their beauty routine. For others, it might be that they just haven’t found the right moisturizers and other products. In other cases, you may have a medical condition that is in need of some dermatological intervention.

If you’re thinking about starting or restarting a beauty routine, whether that’s skincare for your face or whole body, you need to be consistent. Forgetting or rushing through your process is going to leave something to be desired. Set reminders for yourself, on your phone or calendar and make sure you stick to it. A good skincare routine happens in the morning and at night.

Choosing the right moisturizer is harder when you’ve got so many options in the aisles of any store. There are a few simple considerations to make when trying to sift through the many products available to you. First thing, make sure you’re using a moisturizer for your body, rather than facial moisturizers. Since the skin on our faces is often more sensitive, many of the moisturizers for it are light. While you might only need a light moisturizer, the rest of the body usually demands a bit more. Moisturizers for the face are also usually smaller and contain less product, because they’re more focused on one area.

There are plenty of skin conditions that can contribute to dry or irritated skin. The best over the counter products might not be enough for you if you are suffering from a condition like eczema or psoriasis. Both of these conditions cause dry skin and need prescription strength treatments. If your skin is abnormally dry or uncomfortable, contact your dermatologist.

Environmental factors can also dry your skin out, and addressing those can help your moisturizers work even better. In the winter, air is often dry and cool. In this environment, skin quickly loses moisture. Adapting your moisturizer to the seasons is important, but there’s more you can do. To counter dry air indoors, use a humidifier to provide moisture in your home or office. Sun damage can be harsh on your skin in the summer months especially, but you should be aware of it all year. Wear sunscreen and keep to the shade as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight. Besides drying your skin and making it appear more aged, sun damage can also cause skin cancer or actinic keratosis. Both of these conditions can be harmful to your health, and at the very least very hard on your skin.

Maintaining Smoother Body Skin

Once you’ve found the right moisturizer, you have implemented it into your beauty routine, treated any underlying conditions, and adapted to your environment, you should be on the right track toward smoother skin. Stick with what you do, and keep up the good work! Staying positive about your skin and feeling comfortable in it are critical to maintaining smoother skin. Keep in mind that with changes in the weather or your health, your skincare needs will change. Pregnant women’s skin becomes more oily and prone to acne breakouts. So if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, changing to a lighter moisturizer will be necessary. Heavy ointments and creams might be perfect for winter dryness, but they might be too much for the heat of the spring and summer months.

Smoother skin that’s protected year-round from dryness is achievable if you’re willing to put in the work. If you’ve got questions or believe you may have some other skin conditions contributing to dryness, reach out to the professionals you can trust: Northeast Dermatology Associates.

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