De-Stress Pre-Holiday with These Relaxing Facials

Woman receiving a facial treatment De-Stress Pre-Holiday with These Relaxing Facials

Facials can be incredibly effective at treating a number of skin conditions, but they’re also a perfect way to decompress in what’s sure to be a hectic holiday season. There are many kinds of facials, so finding the one that’s right for your skin and stress level is key.

The Best Facials to De-Stress

What is a Facial?

While facials can be different and incorporate a variety of specific ingredients, the process is very much the same all around. The best facial starts with a conversation. Review your skincare concerns with your dermatologist. With that information and their knowledge of your skin, a dermatologist can cater a facial to your unique needs. Spas everywhere offer facials, but one thing many lack is a history with their customers. Your dermatologist will already know your skin from previous visits, and they may catch things that you’re not aware of. Not all facials are equal, and those administered at your dermatologist’s office will absolutely be the best.

Once the talking’s done and you’re at your appointment, your dermatologist will start by gently cleansing your skin. While the facial is gentle, it’s hard on dirt and oils in your skin. It can make short work of clogged pores and remove the day’s dirt while still being easy on your skin. In many cases, the next part of a facial is a facial steaming. Steaming your face is mostly self-explanatory, water is heated and the steam is allowed to circulate safely across your face. This heat and moisture combination can be an additional dose of pore-opening to help get things even more cleansed. If you have conditions like eczema or psoriasis on your face, a steaming may be skipped, but your dermatologist will know best. The next few steps of a facial vary, based on your needs and the type of facial you’re getting. Some facials are short and focused on the utility of cleansing and moisturizing. Others go a lot longer and include a massage of the face and neck. Some facials focus on extraction, or the removal of pimples. Regardless of how your facial goes, it’s going to be addressing one or more issues for you this winter, be it general dry skin or something more specialized.

Stress and the Other Problems Facials Help Fix

So what does a facial treat best? There are a number of cosmetic and medical skin conditions that a facial can help. At their most basic form, a facial can also do wonders for your stress levels. Studies have shown that stress can have a negative impact on your skin, leading to acne breakouts, eczema and dirty, sweaty skin. With any skin condition that primarily affects your face, your self-esteem can be damaged. Why not check two things off your checklist at once with a soothing, cleansing facial? And while facials are not the most effective for fighting signs of aging like wrinkles or age spots, anti-aging facials can help. These facials often include substances like collagen or elastin, things your skin needs to stay looking young but produces less as you age. If you’re self-conscious at all about your skin, be it from acne or crow’s feet, a facial can help ease your worries.

A nice, restorative massage is great, but you might be wondering what it can do for your other skincare needs. Facials can be geared toward treating acne and oily, acne-prone skin. Whether you’re in the middle of or between breakouts, an acne facial can help. Other conditions like rosacea can also benefit from facials, and there are many things that your dermatologist can use to address your unique problems.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting your first facial this year, don’t hesitate to ask for more information. If you need a facial, look no further than the doctors at Northeast Dermatology Associates and make the call today.

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