CoolSculpting: What It Is and How it Works

 CoolSculpting: What It Is and How it Works

Stubborn fat that resists traditional diet and exercise might have you at your wit’s end, but don’t accept defeat just yet. CoolSculpting is a noninvasive, easy, and effective way to eliminate the fat that healthy lifestyle choices just won’t kick.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the most popular form of cryolipolysis, which refers to the application of extreme cold to eliminate body fat without damaging skin or other cells. The procedure is noninvasive and can be performed by your dermatologist at their office. The CoolSculpting device does not use blades or needles, and nothing is extracted. It doesn’t need anesthesia or even injectable numbing agents, and you can drive yourself home immediately following the procedure. While some people experience discomfort during CoolSculpting, the most extreme effects people report are tugging or brief stinging sensations. The cooling mechanism works to numb your skin while eliminating fat, so eventually any discomfort is eliminated during the procedure.

How Does CoolSculpting Work, Really?

CoolSculpting might sound like science fiction, but it’s a fairly simple concept. The device used for CoolSculpting uses vacuum suction to draw fat-containing skin toward internal cooling elements. The vacuum technology is not harsh and it keeps skin at a safe distance from the cold temperatures so that the skin’s surface remains undamaged.

The reason that CoolSculpting safely eliminates unwanted fat while leaving other cells unharmed is that fat cells have a lower tolerance for cold. Essentially, this means that stubborn fat cells die first when exposed to cold temperatures. The technology used in the CoolSculpting device keeps temperatures above levels that could prove harmful for skin. Some irritation is not uncommon, but when practiced by a professional dermatologist, there is almost no risk of skin damage from CoolSculpting.

In very rare cases, CoolSculpting can result in skin appearing misshapen. This is the only severe side-effect of CoolSculpting, and can be corrected by a minor invasive surgery. While uncommon, it’s important for you and your dermatologist to discuss the procedure and for you to understand the possible side effects of CoolSculpting. In the hands of a professional dermatologist, like those you’d find at Northeast Dermatology, there’s no cause for worry. CoolSculpting works safely and efficiently to eliminate body fat.

Here’s more good news: CoolSculpting can be used on stubborn fat all over the body, in areas as precise as the chin or neck, or as general as the stomach or love handles. Arm fat and stubborn fat in the bikini areas are also no match for CoolSculpting.

Results are not immediate, but after one session your body will begin to break down dead fat cells. After several months, the process is complete and the results are noticeable. Many see a reduction of about 25% body fat after one session, about 2-4 months after the procedure. Some people may need or want multiple sessions to eliminate more body fat, or to continue CoolSculpting in other treatment areas.

Who Can Benefit from CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss miracle. It works for people who are fit and active, but who struggle with body fat that just won’t go away. It does not work on cellulite, a different type of fat cell that differs in appearance from body fat. The procedure works best for people who are at their goal weight, or are just looking to smooth or flatten fatty areas. If you’re wary of invasive surgery, have certain medical conditions that restrict the use of anesthesia, or even if you’re considering a more complex procedure like liposuction, consider talking with your dermatologist about CoolSculpting. It can work wonders without the risk of scarring, infection, or a long recovery.

If you’re interested in eliminating stubborn fat that you’ve always had, look no further than CoolSculpting. Reach out – your New England dermatologist is waiting to turn your problem areas into the toned, fit body you deserve.

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