Can Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments Replace Makeup?

Woman applying makeup Can Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments Replace Makeup?

For some people, their daily makeup routine is a downright hassle. Cosmetic treatments can help uncomplicate your morning routine by making some makeup applications obsolete.

Cosmetic Treatments


BOTOX is an injectable wrinkle treatment that can take years off your face’s appearance. The chemical substance used in Botox is actually a purified protein derived from the clostridium botulinum toxin, which gives the treatment its name. Dynamic wrinkles, that is wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions and motions like frowning and laughing, are the targets of Botox. Botox works by temporarily immobilizing the muscles responsible for these expressions, handily reducing dynamic wrinkles. It is an effective, albeit temporary way to treat dynamic wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers:

Also called hyaluronic acid fillers, dermal fillers are another injectable cosmetic treatment, though they work differently than Botox. Dermal fillers help plump up skin and can reduce wrinkles on the face and even the backs of your hands. Hyaluronic acid, contained in most dermal fillers, helps rejuvenate aging skin by providing structural support and water retention. Wrinkles are smoothed out as skin rehydrates, and the fillers themselves help fill the gaps as well.

Laser Treatment:

Laser therapy is probably the most versatile cosmetic treatment at your dermatologist’s disposal. From simple discoloration and age spots to vitiligo, laser therapy can even skin tone that you’d normally have to cover up with products. Even freckles can be treated by laser therapy. Laser therapy for discoloration is a simple concept, but it works extremely well to even your skin tone, no matter how severe the discoloration. When it targets dark spots, light is used to destroy the pigment or melanin, for things like freckles or moles. With vitiligo, a less powerful light is used to even the tone of the pale areas of skin that vitiligo causes.

In addition to discoloration, laser therapy can treat other skin conditions that cause unsightly changes to your face’s skin. Acne, for example, and the scarring caused by acne can both be treated by laser therapy. Lasers can target pimples themselves and damage them, while also killing the bacteria contained within them. Laser-treated acne clears up without causing scarring, and healthy skin grows in its place. Acne scars are caused by severe acne, and they can stick with you forever. Covering acne scars with makeup is a real challenge, and requires specialized products. When the laser targets acne scars, it works to reinvigorate the skin around the scars to leave smooth, healthy skin in its place.

Can Cosmetic Treatments Replace Makeup?

There are many skin conditions that cosmetic dermatology treatments can keep under control, from wrinkles to acne and facial scarring. If you use makeup to cover up conditions like vitiligo or other skin discoloration or acne and its scarring, you won’t need it with the help of cosmetic treatments. While these treatments are temporary, they last a lot longer than makeup. Dermal fillers can last up to a year, and Botox often lasts from four to six months. Laser treatment might need to be repeated to maintain results, but they will also last a lot longer than foundation. Covering up is perfectly fine, but treating the underlying reason for the skin conditions you’re seeking to cover up works far better.

If you have a skin condition you often hide beneath makeup, consider cosmetic dermatology treatments. If you’re ready to stop waking up so early every morning, call the experts at Northeast Dermatology Associates today.

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