Best Facials for the Wintertime

Man receiving a winter facial treatment Best Facials for the Wintertime

This winter, treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial. Facials aren’t just great for relaxation and exfoliation; they can be specialized to do much more for the many nasty things winter can throw at our skin.

What to Know About Winter Facials

What Can a Facial Do for Your Skin?

A facial is often associated with a relaxing day of indulging and pampering yourself. Maybe you’re picturing cucumbers on eyelids and a mask of soft, white moisturizer as you lean back and say “aah.” And you’d be right! That is part of what makes a facial the complete package. But a facial can be fine-tuned to do even more for your skin this winter, as the dry air and cold winds try to steal all of its moisture. A facial can also restore your skin’s natural healing powers. Part of a facial is exfoliation, which uses very slight abrasion to remove the dead skin and dirt from the uppermost layers of your skin. This leads to a much healthier, glowing complexion. There are a lot more optional add-ons for any good facial, and we’ll explore them below. But the main timeline of a facial starts with a gentle cleansing. Often, skin is exfoliated here too. Then, one or more solutions are applied to the face. This is the stage that resembles a mask. Finally, the skin is cleansed once more, and then a moisturizing massage rounds out the process. Not every facial follows this exact trajectory, but whatever your dermatologist does for you, it’ll definitely leave you feeling restored and relaxed.

Best Types of Facials for Winter

Now, why are some facials better for the winter? They are often specialized for the worst of what winter has to offer. One main problem that winter poses for the skin is dryness. Cold air holds far less moisture than warm air, and it’s constantly drawing moisture from wherever it can find it. That includes your skin! So when the dry air chaps your skin, it leaves it feeling irritated, red, and flaky. A moisturizing facial is perfect to take on winter dryness. Many hydrating mask facials include hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that naturally occurs in the skin. It’s capable of holding a great deal of moisture, meaning your skin can hold onto water a lot better than it could prior to treatment. As an added bonus, hyaluronic acid can also help smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

Some facials, especially more intensely exfoliating or acne-focused facials, use acids that may make your skin photosensitive for a short time. This means that your skin is more susceptible to sun damage. Thankfully, winter is the perfect time to avoid sun damage altogether. You’re usually indoors, hiding from the cold, and when you are outside, as long as you’re using a daily sunscreen, your skin is perfectly protected. That’s a lot harder to maintain when your skin is photosensitive in the height of summer, when daylight lasts much longer and you actually want to be outside.

A basic facial is great for winter because odds are that during the holiday season, you’re feeling some stress. A long massage of your face may be just what the doctor ordered. Beyond relaxing, your skin can soak up all the moisturizer it can take. Even the most basic facial will give you the moisture you need to look and feel your best.

No matter what you decide on with your dermatologist, a facial is the right choice this winter. Interested in a facial? Contact the pros at Northeast Dermatology Associates and find the winter facial that’s right for you.

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