After a Long, Hot Summer, Enjoy a Deep Cleaning Facial

Woman having a deep-cleaning facial treatment After a Long, Hot Summer, Enjoy a Deep Cleaning Facial

Summer can be hard on your skin for a number of reasons, and as the weather cools, why not find other ways to chill out. A facial can be just what your skin needs as the seasons change, and there’s no time like the present!

Your Post-Summer Skin Will Thank You

This summer, your skin undoubtedly went through the wringer. Between sweat, sun and the heat, even the most protected skin can feel the burn. Sun damage, like a sunburn or even just dry skin can take a while to get back to normal. A facial can help provide much needed moisture and jumpstart your skin’s restorative process. The best line of defense against a sunburn is sunscreen of course, so do your best to make sunburns a thing of the past. A facial will not help to prevent the long-term negative consequences of sun damage, like aging skin and skin cancer.

A big component of a facial is cleansing the skin. Built up oils, dirt and other foreign elements can be hard on your skin. Dust and dirt can be abrasive on the skin, causing skin to become irritated and dry. Properly cleansing your skin with a facial is a great way to clean out pores and remove built-up dirt and oils that contribute to acne.

Tell Summer Acne Goodbye

With everything going on in the summertime, heat, sweat and sunscreen can all conspire to make your skin extra oily. Oily skin is more prone to acne outbreaks. Natural oil or sebum is produced by the skin, but when pores get blocked by external debris or too much natural oil, acne forms. Acne can range in severity from a few blemishes to painful, cystic acne that can leave scars. Regardless of your age or life circumstances, acne can happen to you. Thankfully, a facial is an excellent way to treat your acne, especially if it’s not chronic. Facials can be fine-tuned to treat acne. Acne facials generally use salicylic acid, an acne-fighting protein that’s been used to treat acne for decades.


Facials are an incredibly relaxing and soothing treatment. While the effects of a facial on your skin are remarkable, it doesn’t stop there. Massage is a big component of a facial, and that’s what makes them so relaxing. Just like any other part of your body that has muscles and is under frequent stress, your face will benefit from massage. The massage aspect of a facial works double duty, providing gentle exfoliation while also helping soothe your facial muscles. If your skin is in need of moisture, why not treat yourself and your skin at the same time?

Prepare for Winter Dryness

Humidity levels do a complete 180 as summer gives way to fall and winter. In the summer, warm air can contain a great deal of moisture. While it might feel oppressive and hot, one benefit of this muggy New England heat is that it doesn’t often dry out your skin. That all changes as things cool down, and the air suddenly can’t retain that much moisture on its own. When the temperature changes rapidly over the course of just days or weeks, as it often does here, your skin can be in for a shock. Thankfully, a facial can help supplement your skin’s moisture and reinforce its moisture barrier, protecting your skin from the dry air. Some facials may include hyaluronic acid or collagen, which are both naturally occurring substances responsible for holding moisture and locking it in. A nice facial every few wintry months can really help keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and soft.

It’s okay to admit your skin could use some help as summer officially ends and fall begins, and a facial is the simplest way to do that. Schedule your facial now—call the skincare professionals at Northeast Dermatology Associates.

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