3 Cosmetic Services to Reduce Acne

Girl's face with acne 3 Cosmetic Services to Reduce Acne

Try These Acne Reduction Techniques

Acne is a skin condition that can affect people for their entire lives, if left untreated. Thankfully, there are a number of cosmetic treatments for reducing the symptoms and appearance of acne.

Explaining Acne

Acne is hard on people’s skin and their self-esteem. Practically everyone has grappled with it in their lives at some point. For many people, acne can go away as you age, but that’s not true for all. Acne forms when the sebaceous glands in the skin become clogged with sebum. Sebum is the name for the oil that these glands produce. A common misconception is that dirty skin is to blame for acne. This isn’t true. Acne can be made worse by unclean skin, but the main pore blocker is actually the sebum itself. In our teen years, hormonal surges cause sebum production to go into overdrive. When a pore is blocked, it doesn’t stop making sebum and so it builds up beneath the skin, causing inflammation. Sometimes the sebum takes on a dark color, forming blackheads. Eventually pus and sebum can build up in a pimple and it will become a whitehead.

As you’ve probably seen or experienced, pimples can be painful and uncomfortable. In some cases, acne can cause infection and redness in the surrounding skin. In addition to their physical symptoms, they are also unsightly. For teens and adults alike, this can mean social alienation, depression and anxiety. Addressing the causes of your acne is important, but so is treating the visual symptoms.

Cosmetic Acne Treatments

  1. Laser Therapy

Laser therapies treat acne by exposing the pimples to intense light and heat. Laser technology can target contrast well, so it will locate pimples and eliminate them with extreme accuracy. When a pimple is exposed to high intensity laser light, the pimple is damaged, allowing for new skin to grow in its place. In some treatments, the heat from the laser can actually have a germicidal effect on the pimple. This kills any harmful bacteria within the acne, meaning you’re less likely to see inflammation or experience infection. This procedure can be conducted without any need for anesthesia in your dermatologist’s office. While you may need multiple sessions to treat your breakouts as they come, laser treatment sessions are quick and easy. Results are noticeable within days, so laser therapy is an excellent short notice breakout-buster.

  1. Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a versatile treatment for a number of skin conditions on the face. Chemical peels treat many things, and use different chemical components to address different issues. When treating acne, salicylic acid peels are the way to go. Not only does salicylic acid reduce inflammation, it also targets and reduces oil on the skin. With less oil, fewer breakouts will happen in the future. Salicylic acid can get deep in the skin, eliminating over-oiled pores and promoting healthy growth. After a chemical peel, the superficial layer of skin that was damaged by the salicylic acid flakes off over time. It will also have a dry, red appearance directly after treatment, but redness goes away with time.

  1. Microdermabrasion

If your acne comes on fast and strong, you need to react in kind. That’s where microdermabrasion comes in. If you have a sudden breakout and need quick results, microdermabrasion might be your best option. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that uses an instrument to make many small perforations in the skin. When applied to a generalized area like the face, microdermabrasion treats acne by damaging old, oil-prone skin. After some time, this skin flakes off and gives way to healthier skin that contains less oil and has fewer blemishes.

Acne is an aggressive condition that sometimes requires aggressive treatment. If you’re interested in a cosmetic treatment for your acne, call the professionals at Northeast Dermatology Associates.

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